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How-To Guide

Deveaux International Governance Consultants Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the handbook Renewable Energy for Parliamentarians: A How-to Guide.

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DIG Consultants has over 40 years of combined experience working in governance and international development.


A boutique consulting firm focused on parliaments, political parties and political reform.


Extensive experience in project cycle support and all aspects of political governance.


Direct experience working with parliaments and political institutions in more than 20 countries on four continents.

For The People

Recognizing the need for inclusive participation in politics if parliaments are to reflect the needs of all citizens.

In The News

Deveaux was recently interviewed on CBC’s “The 180” about his work in Tunisia and how other parliaments across the globe can learn from their experience. You can watch it here.


DIG CONSULTANTS’ team is led by Kevin Deveaux, a former parliamentarian from Canada who has worked on the capacity development of parliaments and political parties since 2001 when he first provided training for candidates prior to the first national elections in Kosovo. Read More…

Areas of Work

Parliamentary Development

DIG Consultants is a world leader in developing and implementing support to parliaments globally. From institutional development to citizen engagement to committee oversight and everything in between.

Political Party Development

In such a highly political field, DIG Consultants can provide timely, non-partisan advice that results in programming that builds political parties that are programmatic and responsive.

Conflict and Political Reform

With years of experience working from Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Myanmar and beyond, DIG Consultants has a wealth of knowledge in designing and implementing political reforms in conflict and post-conflict countries.

Most Recent Activity

DIG Reviews UNDPs Oslo Governance Centre

From March to June 2017 DIG was contracted to conduct a strategic review of UNDPs Oslo Governance Centre (OGC). The OGC is one of six policy centres established by UNDP to support its global work. The OGC partners with research institutions in the Nordic Region to...

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Support to Law, Justice & Human Rights Committee

DIGs Kevin Deveaux has been working as a Technical Adviser (YA) to the Parliament of Fiji's Law, Justice & Human Rights Committee. As part of the UNDP Project in support of the Parliament, the TA post has been assigned to the Committee to provide legal research...

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