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What we do

Parliamentary Development

DIG Consultants is a world leader in developing and implementing support to parliaments globally.  Focusing on all aspects of support, including citizen engagement, rules drafting, women’s political empowerment and support to committees

Political Party Assistance

In such a highly political field, DIG Consultants can provide timely, non-partisan advice that results in programming that builds political parties that are programmatic and responsive.

Conflict and Political Reform

With years of experience working in Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, Myanmar and beyond, DIG Consultants has a wealth of knowledge in designing and implementing political reforms in conflict and post-conflict countries.

DIG Consultants

DIG has worked directly with parliamentarians from more than 110 countries and with more than 50 parliaments.

Below is some of our recent work.

Fiji Justice Committee Support

In April 2018, Deveaux worked with the Parliament of Fiji as a technical consultant to the Justice, Law, and Human Rights Committee. As the Parliament considers new Bills, Deveaux worked with the committee staff members to compare and analyze how other countries have addressed similar issues being considered […]

Oslo Governance Centre Evaluation

In 2017, DIG wrote an independent evaluation of UNDP’s Oslo Governance Centre. Since 2003, the Centre has provided research and advisory […]

McGill Executive program instruction with Parliament of Kenya

From March 19th-23rd 2018, Deveaux traveled to Kenya to do work as an instructor for the McGill University Executive program for Parliamentary Staff. As part of McGill’s Continuing Education Program, the Parliament of Kenya hosted participants from over 15 different parliaments around the globe. More information on the […]

Deveaux Presents at Discussion on Parliament Oversight in Tbilisi, Georgia

In February 2018 Kevin Deveaux, on behalf of DIG Consultants Inc., made a presentation to MPs and civil society at the launch of Transparency International Georgia’s Report – Strengthening Parliament Control in Georgia. Deveaux presented the international perspective, including such standards as the Chairperson of a Budget Oversight Committee coming from […]

Parliamentary Oversight in Georgia

DIG provided significant input into the recent Transparency International Georgia (TIG) publication Strengthening Parliamentary Control in Georgia. The report by TIG provided evidence-based analysis of the current trends in the Parliament of Georgia with regard to oversight of the activities and expenditures of the Government of Georgia. DIG, contracted by USAID through […]

Review of Fiji Civil Society

Kevin Deveaux was part of a two-person team that evaluated the EU-funded support to a group of four national Fijian NGOs who are working in the field of public participation in democratic governance. Contracted by Conciliation Resources (CR), the lead partner in the project, the team conducted interviews with stakeholders […]