What We Do

In such a highly political field, DIG Consultants can provide timely, non-partisan advice that results in programming that builds political parties that are programmatic and responsive.

Who We Are

DIG Consultants is a world leader in developing and implementing support to parliaments globally. Focusing on all aspects of support, including citizen engagement, rules drafting, women’s political empowerment and support to committees.

Guyana Parliament

Where We Work

With years of experience working in Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, Myanmar and beyond, DIG Consultants has a wealth of knowledge in designing and implementing political reforms in conflict and post-conflict countries.

20 Years of Experience
Over 80 Countries
More than 100 Happy Customers

In The News…

Costly UNDP ‘lessons’ for Parliament

July 29th, 2023|0 Comments

“Costly UNDP ‘lessons’ for Parliament” by Shamindra Ferdinando is a news article discussing Deveaux International Governance’s recent work with Sir Lanka. The author discusses the current state of the Sir Lankan government and the use […]