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Enhanced Parliamentary Oversight Promoting Good Governance in Smaller States

Very little research has been conducted on how parliamentary oversight is undertaken in small countries and jurisdictions or across the southern African region (excluding South Africa). This groundbreaking book fills that void, providing rich insights into how oversight works in these countries.

Featuring an expert group of scholars and practitioners, the […]

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UNODC & GOPAC Pacific Regional Conference: Constituency Development Funds Conference Discussion Paper and Report

This Discussion Paper and Conference Report was written and researched by Kevin Deveaux, with assistance and inputs from Tim Baker & Dila Pant. All opinions and conclusions in the paper are those of the author and are not necessarily those of UNODC or the United Nations.

The publication can be found […]

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Winning a Leadership Race is Hard, Keeping the Job is Harder

This news analysis article discusses the challenges of running for election and keeping the job. The 2018 article interviews Kevin Deveaux, as a former MLA and expert in parliaments, to get a better understanding of the difficulties in keeping one’s seat in parliament. This CBC article can be read here. […]

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Here’s What Happens if No Party Wins a Majority in the Provincial Election

“Here’s what happens if no party wins a majority in the provincial election” by Jean Laroche discusses Canadian provincial elections with Kevin Deveaux. The article can be read on CBC’s website here.

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