Deveaux Speaks to Canadian MPs on Democracy Promotion

Kevin Deveaux was part of a three-person panel on democracy promotion hosted by the Canadian House of Commons All-Party Group on Democracy and Carleton University’s Institute for Parliamentary and Diplomatic Initiatives (part of the Norm Patterson School). Deveaux brought his perspective on the role of MPs in engaging fellow MPs […]

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Deveaux interviewed on CBC’s “The 180”

In November 2014, Deveaux was interviewed by Jim Brown on CBC’s “The 180” about his recent work done in Tunisia, and how the events that took place there could positively effect other governments across the globe.

You can view it here:

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Deveaux conducts evaluation of EU project with the Uzbekistan Parliament

In May 2015, Deveaux (as one of three evaluators) helped conduct the final evaluation of the EU project: “Further Strengthening the Bicameral Parliamentary System and Networking with Regional Assemblies. Being implemented since 2012, this project provides ICT and legal analysis to the Oiliy Majilis, as well as the 14 sub-national […]
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Deveaux aids Moldova Parliament in Establishing Regional Offices

In March of 2015, Deveaux went to Moldova as a consultant to a project with UNDP to help support the Parliament of Moldova. This support is part of the broader work of the Parliament, with support from UNDP, in establishing four offices outside of the capital, in Edinet, Orhei, Comrat […]

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DIG conducting evaluation on UNDP anti-corruption programme

Between March and June 2015, DIG will be conducting an evaluation on the UNDP’s Anti-corruption Project funded by the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade and it s support for the Global Anti-corruption Initiative (GAIN). This evaluation will be looking at the objectives this programme seeks to accomplish, as […]

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