A Good Day for Democracy – Why the UK Supreme Court Prorogation Decision Will Have an Important Impact in Canada


The decision of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom to revoke the decision of Prime Minister Boris Johnson to request the prorogation of the Parliament has a very direct impact on that country’s struggle to deal with the Brexit referendum results from June of 2016. But it will also […]

Support to Fiji Whips in Collaboration with the Parliament of Victoria


In May 2019 DIGs Senior Adviser, Kevin Deveaux, traveled to Melbourne, Victoria to organize with the Parliament of Victoria a workshop for Party Whips (and deputy whips) from Fiji. This included inputs from current whips in the New Zealand Parliament and interactions with whips, key MPs and staff […]

Why Speaker Bercow Decision was the Right One & What Happens Next


Rt. Honourable John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons in the United Kingdom has stepped into the middle of the Brexit debate with an 11th hour decision from the chair. Citing Erskine May – the bible for Westminster-style parliamentary democracy procedure – the Speaker stated that the same question cannot […]

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