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Political institutions – parliaments and political parties – work in dynamic settings. This is only made more challenging when a country is facing conflict or political turmoil. These institutions need to have access to information and knowledge about how other parties and other parliaments have reformed and have benefited from this period of change.

DIG can help with

International expertise that reflects on the current trends in politics in a country

delivering results through the implementation of existing projects

bringing years of experience to the process of reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of a project

building and implementing workshops, seminars and programs for the capacity development of MPs, party officials and staff

given years of direct political party and parliamentary experience, DIG can work one-on-one or in small groups to build capacity over the long-term

DIG has vast experience in developing, writing, editing and managing the publication of knowledge products, including handbooks, reports, online courses and toolkits

20 Years of Experience
Over 30 Countries
More than 100 Happy Customers

DIG Consultants pride themselves in providing expert advice and access to the experience and knowledge that political actors need in a timely manner.  We strive to enable governments to make sound decisions along their path to reform.

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