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Deveaux Participates in Panel Discussion on Democracy and the Impact of the Pandemic

Kevin Deveaux was a panelist in September 2020 as part of a joint program by International IDEA and the Canadian Parliamentary Centre which focused on how foreign policy and development work will be shaped by the 2020 Pandemic. The panel discussion cabe found here:

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Deveaux Speaks on Opening Nova Scotia House of Assembly During the Pandemic

Kevin Deveaux was the first person in Nova Scotia to raise a concern that the House of Assembly was not sitting during the 2020 Pandemic. As other national and provincial parliament adjusted their work to public health mandates and continued to conduct their important functions, the NS House was the […]

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Deveaux Presents at Discussion on Parliament Oversight in Tbilisi, Georgia

In February 2018 Kevin Deveaux, on behalf of DIG Consultants Inc., made a presentation to MPs and civil society at the launch of Transparency International Georgia’s Report – Strengthening Parliament Control in Georgia. Deveaux presented the international perspective, including such standards as the Chairperson of a Budget Oversight Committee coming from […]

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Deveaux Speaks to Canadian MPs on Democracy Promotion

Kevin Deveaux was part of a three-person panel on democracy promotion hosted by the Canadian House of Commons All-Party Group on Democracy and Carleton University’s Institute for Parliamentary and Diplomatic Initiatives (part of the Norm Patterson School). Deveaux brought his perspective on the role of MPs in engaging fellow MPs […]

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Why a loophole makes it illegal for kids to operate ATVs in Nova Scotia

CBC Radio One Nova Scotia: Why a loophole makes it illegal for kids to operate ATVs in Nova Scotia
Deveaux comments on the rationale for the Off Highway Vehicle Act in Nova Scotia
Read full article here.

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